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Over the last year the lodging industry has been beat up pretty badly as a result of the poor economy in the U.S.  Business and personal travel have been cut back by almost everyone and that directly affects the earnings of hotels of all types. However, this industry is not going anywhere and will no doubt bounce back as the economy improves.  This is a great time to look for substantial hotel deals at all price levels.

When you're on vacation or traveling for business, you have a wide variety of lodgings available to you. There are very real differences between different types of hotels, motels and other accommodations, but exactly what these differences are isn't clear to everyone. When you know what each type of lodging has to offer, then you'll be better equipped to find hotel deals.%MINIFYHTML2e839a1d45c76cdc9deaea9b0a100bba6%
%MINIFYHTML2e839a1d45c76cdc9deaea9b0a100bba7%Motels are usually the least costly option. These motor hotels, as they were called before the word motel was coined came into existence alongside the expansion of the US highway system in the 1950s and 1960s. These establishments became popular for their low prices, convenient locations near exit ramps and inexpensive dining options and the swimming pools which they frequently featured. The chief identifying characteristic of motels is that the rooms open to the outside rather than to a hallway, the idea being that guests can then park closer to their rooms. Motels have been losing ground as of late due to people choosing the relatively higher security and additional amenities of other styles of hotel.

Then there are limited service hotels, which often have pools and occasionally fitness centers and meeting rooms available. Some even offer a complimentary breakfast, making them an economically sound choice for travelers on a budget. There are chains of these types of hotel as well as independently owned and operated establishments.

A full service hotel, by contrast, offers all of the features of a limited service establishment and more. Pools and gyms are almost always present, as well as meeting rooms and sometimes gift shops as well. You'll also generally find restaurants and/or bars connected to these hotels; and these establishments normally have a concierge ready to help guests with dinner plans and other details during their stay.

A bed and breakfast is a little more intimate than a motel or hotel; most such lodgings are in a private home whose owners enjoy offering their hospitality to their guests. These tend to be more comfortable accommodations with private bedrooms and a morning meal (either breakfast or brunch) served to guests. They're quite a bit smaller than even the smallest of hotels, usually having only a few rooms for guests. You won't find hotel deals on bed and breakfasts very often, but you can sometimes find specials on accommodations by calling or emailing the owners.

Resort hotels are another choice if your travels will take you to places which are popular with tourists. A resort hotel generally provides everything a full service hotel does along with ballrooms for conventions and other events, as well as restaurants, lounges and shops. These hotels often provide activities for families, especially if they are located beachside. There are usually staff who can help guests line up other activities in the area on duty too. Hotel deals are a little easier to find for these hotels online - and there are often discounted prices available as part of travel deals which include the hotel and airfare.

Hotel and Motel


Hotels and motels both serve tourist a place to stay and rest. They may or may not provide restaurant or bar services. There is very thin difference between hotels and motels. Motel word is born from words motor. Motels are widely used word in US.
Motels are used for generally highway hotels where motorists need to stay and take rest for a night or two, during their long journey. In motels they do not much emphasis on its ambiance and other facilities.  Hotels are found usually within the city limits. They are open to tourist for short period. They offer customer many services according to its star level like restaurant, bar, internet service, receptionist, garden, laundry, 24hrs room services, and much more. Hotelier always work on their services, they provide good ambience they have a fairly large staff to serve in all departments.  Where the motels should have big parking area, may be interconnected room open to the common parking area. Motels are usually closed to highways. They can be easily managed by only receptionist and housekeeping staff.
Usually hotels can be more expensive in compare to motels. There are also other alternate for hotels and motels like star hotels, budget hotels, bed and breakfast, guest houses, hostels etc. They all provide customers a long or short stay. But they all have some minor difference. Bed and breakfast is a stay provided by local residents to tourists. Guest houses do not have many facilities and they may have common bathrooms. Some of them may have dormitory and have bunk beds. Star hotels provide end number of facilities. Hostels are long stay usually for students or working persons. They provide limited facilities. Some of them may provide mess or pantry.
This is the era of information you can find all information about any facility or service you want. Online directories are meant for this purpose only.  More and more persons enrolled themselves in online directories to get great business.
Hotels Directory are best solution to find a hotel appropriate to your budget and nearest from your site. If you have a planned tour either its vacation tour or business tour, you can have many filters according to your budget, place, service standard, restaurant cuisines and other facilities provided by hotels . You can book a quality accommodation in any part of the world and all credit goes to hotel directories. They mention airport distance, railway or bus station distance, distance from core city area, distance from main hospital etc. you can choose according to your criteria. 
There is another source to plan your vacation tour which is Holiday Directory. Once you select a place, this directory provides all information and link related to your tour plan. If you are planning a tour by road, they help to design a travel route and motels on that route, booking link for them, places to visit and many more. It also provides a link for flight bookings, hotel bookings, tour operators and anything you think of. They provide a link to guides, car rental companies, guide to dating agencies, family entertainment centers, natural wonders, visa processing agencies, boat and cruise bookings,    These directories make you so independent, that you sit on the table and can plan a tour worldwide, that too in your budget. 

Find Quality Motel Accommodation in Bunbury

As you prepare to leave for Bunbury, there are a few key considerations you should take into account. One of them is your accommodation. This should not give you trouble since there are numerous rental houses and motels that can give you quality accommodation. However, you should not just rent a room in any motel that you come across. This is because there are some motels in Bunbury that only strive to make a quick buck from unsuspecting customers. They do not have the necessary capacity to offer accommodation. Therefore you have to be more prudent in your search for the best motel accommodation in Bunbury. When you are looking for accommodation in any motel, there are certain crucial factors you have to keep in mind. These are important because they make experience in the motel more satisfying. For starters, you need to consider the cost of renting the room. Although most motels today try to keep their charges low, there are some that endeavor to make more profits by increasing their rates all the time. So if you do not want to spend a fortune renting a room in a Bunbury motel, you have to take the trouble of shopping around. Try to compare rates from different motels. Fortunately, most of the reputable motels in Bunbury have websites where they post details about their services such as rates and type of accommodation. Therefore it is quite easy for you to research on each motel without having to visit it physically. The most important thing is to ensure that you find a nice motel without breaking your savings account. Another factor to keep in mind when you are searching for motel accommodation services in Bunbury is the expediency of the motel you choose to rent. Although there are numerous luxury motels in Bunbury, not all of them can provide you with the kind of convenience you require. A good hotel should offer exciting services such as comfy rooms, drinks on arrival, cruises, gifts and more. These will make your stay in the hotel more exciting and enjoyable. Therefore, you have to choose a hotel that will give you quality services. At times it is important to do thorough research on the available motels. This will help you to understand the kind of services that every hotel offers. The other consideration is the location of the hotel. Before you open your wallet to pay for your hotel room, ensure that it is located in an area that is secure. It can be very disheartening to rent a hotel room in an area where you do not feel safe. So you should ensure that there is a police station around. The hotel should also have enough security apparatus. Take the trouble of researching on the area before you travel. You can rely on your travel agent for information on the area. Also, look for online reviews of the hotel. Since people who have had the experience of staying in the hotel do most of these reviews, you will get an accurate idea of what to expect.

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