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Discover the Best Secret Places to Stay in London

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No one can ever get bored in London, as it is the original alpha city, the vibrant England’s capital, with endless opportunities and cultural activities, as well as a whole range of international culinary delights and nightlife. These off-the-beaten-track treasures will make you want to start exploring historic corners, hidden-away antiquities and beautiful buildings on traditional itineraries for attractions, as most of them are free. If the concrete jungle is no longer appealing, you can go to one of the many parks such as Greenwich, Hampstead Heath and Clapham Common, which provide a much needed access to green space.


B+B Belgravia

It manages to change the image of London, that’s for sure, as it has no floral patterns but up to date furnishings, and an open lounge where you can feel at home, while having a cappuccino or fresh coffee. Belgravia is one of the great residential areas, excellently located, nearby to excellent tourist attractions and restaurants, but it is one of the priciest of the city, which is why the the B+B Belgravia will surprise you. The B+B Belgravia breaks down many notions, as it is not dowdy and located in a bad area such as others, yet it still retains the charms of the traditional B+B, as well as friendly staff.


You can skip the highlights, although they are all worth visiting if you are in London for the first time, if you want to travel deeper into the local side with our list of hidden gems and more unusual places, from the most colorful neighborhoods and cafes, to the gardens and some of the best views. In London, the list of sights seems to be endless and a single trip is not enough to grant you an unforgettable stay, which is why we showcase a selection of places for your city break, whatever your budget, in order to help you find that getaway in the majestic London. To make your travel planning easier, check all of the locations in this post, which should help you to combine visiting landmarks with some hidden gems and create your itinerary of some of the less known places in London.


Little Venice

Sleepy Little Venice is something that many tourists miss, spanning from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue, and you can squeeze it in between other unique attractions. Home to waterside cafes, the area comes alive in the summer as Londoners walk along the riverside to Regent’s Park. If you don’t have someone to go with but still want to have a great time, you can hire an escort as they are waiting for clients and are quite educated. Before hiring one, you need to check the reviews in order to get clear idea and know which one suits you, as there are several platforms as well as agencies in London, depending on what your needs are. If you are visiting Little Venice, then in order to not feel lonely, just look for an escort and invite her to a bar in the area, as most are very smart and funny, so you will not get bored.


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