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The cheapest Cities and Accommodation in UK for Students

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If you are looking for a student room we have access to a large portfolio covering 40 accommodation sites in UK cities, in order for you to find the perfect one, and we can also offer free service, cash back, partnerships with UK’s best student accommodations, advanced search tailored to your requirements, dedicated student support through online chat, alternative housing service with non-student accommodation and guarantor service, as we have plenty experience in assisting agencies so don’t hesitate. Probably the first thing you heard about UK is that it’s expensive and unaffordable, but you need to shut down the stereotypes as a student, because the UK is a diverse country, and you can find cheaper places in big cities, no matter how much money you got. This article looks at the most affordable cities for student housing, based on the weekly rent in 80 cities, just avoid London, as it’s one of the world’s most expensive cities, and go for the range of affordable ones where you can even spend 50% less than the UK average.


You can also receive recommendations, based on your preferred rent, from our trained executives. Having a detailed plan is important as your availability to stay may depend on finding a place that suits what you can handle in order to be living on your own. Don’t do the hard work, let us assist you by giving us your contact details and we will get back in no time, and the best part is that you don’t need to pay anything, as we provide you the lowest prices and the detailed information you need before finalizing, while helping you find roommates.


Furthermore, there is an unpredictable pattern in renting an apartment, buying clothes and so forth, which relates to the living expenses, so this article gives you an overview of places when studying here.


Alliance House, Sheffield, United Kingdom

The 10 apartments are in a city centre location and boast impressive views, within a 2 minute walk of West Street, spanning across 5 floors, with lift access. Alliance House fantastic designed apartments include American style fridge, 42 inch flat screen TVs and washer dryer, as well as large kitchen living rooms, fully fitted bathrooms and very modern furniture.


Horton House, Bradford, United Kingdom

It is a purpose built accommodation with great environment, in the heart of Bradford, close to the Bradford campus, with a range of benefits such as 3/4 beds rooms and fully fitted kitchen, so why settle for less? This student accommodation is within 4 minutes walking distance to campus and features great amenities, a helpful team and city centre location. In case you wish to learn more request a call back from our friendly team who will assist you in the hunt for your university accommodation and arrange a viewing of the surrounding area.


Lincoln, United Kingdom

For just £30 you can purchase a travel pass in Strathclyde, which is one of those cities which is getting cheaper, so housing won’t be any problem as it will cost on average £117 per week.

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